Welcome To Jim's Beer Cans

Hello and welcome to my site featuring my Beer Can collection. I have been collecting for many years now and have somewhere between 5000-10000 cans in my collection. My collection is housed in my garage and covers three walls and a section of the roof. I have cans from all around the world but the bulk of my collection is from New Zealand and Australia.

To established collectors - I hope you enjoy viewing my collection and comparing it with your own, I also encourage you to contact me because I would be interested in seeing your collections and possibly becoming trading partners.

To newcomers - I hope you also enjoy viewing my collection and hope that maybe you will become interested in collecting Beer Cans as well, because there can never be too many Beer Can Collectors.

There are many clubs and organization around the world that deal with Beer Can Collecting, some of which can be found on my links page, if you don't belong to one yet I urge you to find your local club and join, they are a lot of fun.

New Forum!! - Whether you are looking for a certain can or you would like to comment on the site please post in the forum.

Make Sure You Check Out Ray Everingham's Colour Catalogue Of Beer Cans!! It Is Well Worth A Read

My Garage!!

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